Finn Slough

I first found out about Finn Slough awhile ago when I was having some Apple face time with a friend talking about taking photographs around Vancouver.  He suggested heading over to this village in the Richmond area.  Several months later, I searched the internet and asked around and eventually found it.  It was founded by Finnish settlers who came to Richmond in the 1880s (see history here).  Despite it’s somewhat state of disarray, it is currently occupied by residents and there is some controversy over whether they should be allowed to stay.    I do hope to return here one day and sit down with the locals to get the inside scoop.

Photos by Val Diamond, Sep 2, 2011

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Finn Slough, posted with vodpod

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  1. Tom Diamond says:

    Very interesting glimpse of BC’s historical lifestyles, which were often fixed to our water ways. Hope Finn Slough stays as a reminder of some important BC cultural roots. Thanks!

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