Tribal Journeys

Last night, on the eve of Canada Day, several canoes from various Nations arrived on the shores of K’omoks First Nation to be welcomed and greeted while they stopped for the night on their Tribal Journey to Bella Bella.  Many of these canoes have been paddling since June 20th as part of a yearly pilgrimage which is a revival of the traditional method of transportation.

When we arrived, there were several people on the shore to witness their arrival and it was incredibly quiet considering how many people were there.  Each canoe introduced themselves, explained that they were tired and hungry and wanted to come ashore to share their culture, stories and experiences.  Chief Rob Everson greeted them, along with members of the K’omoks First Nation and Kumugwe Dancers who accepted their gracious requests and provided a feast for all to share.  Everyone then tapped their paddles on the bottom of their canoes.  A feast was prepared by Cory Frank.  After everyone was fed there was dancing in the Big House.



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