You read about it everywhere.  How your life can change if you practice gratitude on a regular basis.  It can be as simple as a thank you card.  I was recently the recipient of said gratitude.  The principal of my son’s school came by my house.  Yes, I was surprised when she was at my door unexpectedly.  She handed me an envelope and thanked me very much for my involvement at the school this year and how appreciative she is for all that I had done.  It was heartfelt and genuine and made me feel really good.  Everyone likes appreciation.  Consider taking time today to thank someone for something they do for you.

Speaking of gratitude,  I recently went out for drinks with a bunch of friends and at the end of the night, one of the ladies took care of my bill.  She simply explained that someone did it for her the last time, so she’s paying it forward.  Was grateful once again to be the recipient of another form of gratitude.  Thanks Michele.



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